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Hepatitis C and needle exchange part 1: The dimensions of the challenge 1150Kb PDF file

First part of the series established that hepatitis C has already infected a substantial minority of British injectors and is spreading rapidly due to continued risk behaviour allied with the robustness, infectivity and prevalence of the virus.

Hepatitis C and needle exchange part 2: case studies 1826Kb PDF file

Six case studies show how the complex balance of exchange services can be disrupted, leaving hepatitis C and HIV spreading rapidly. Common themes are resource starvation, local hostility, counterproductive restrictions and a non-interventionist ethic. Includes influential early studies dating from 1992.

Hepatitis C and needle exchange part 3: the British record 784Kb PDF file

Reveals the paucity of evidence that exchanges in Britain have directly reduced risk behaviour or infection spread, and the hidden flaw in the seminal pilot study. Lack of real impact is probably less the problem than lack of real evidence of impact.

Hepatitis C and needle exchange part 4: the active ingredients 1222Kb PDF file

Final part of the series pulls together the threads in the form of the limitations which threaten viral control and the practice ingredients which hold promise for the future. A revitalised agenda commensurate with the challenge of hepatitis C.

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Hepatitis C and needle exchange

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