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From 1 May 2021 Drug and Alcohol Findings ceased routinely generating and issuing new analyses of research. With our support this function has been taken up by our long-time supporter the Society for the Study of Addiction. Readers are advised to subscribe to the society’s website user mailing list but to remain subscribed to the Findings mailing list for any occasional outputs. The Drug and Alcohol Findings logo website is maintained as a legacy archive with support from the society. For more see this brief history of Findings.

Drug and Alcohol Findings bridges the divide between UK-relevant research on the effectiveness of responses to drug and alcohol problems and the practitioners who provide those interventions. The project aims to encapsulate the studies’ findings, set them in context and explore implications for practice. From 1999 to 2006 its main output was the Findings magazine, since 2007 replaced by this free web-based service. Drug and Alcohol Findings logo is staffed by co-owners and co-editors Mike Ashton and Natalie Davies, supported by the Society for the Study of Addiction and Alcohol Change UK, and advised by the National Addiction Centre.

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Search this site for documents on specific subjects or which contain your chosen words. Searches include both types of documents described to the left.


Browse back issues of the Findings magazine in the traditional issue by issue format. Also gives one-button access to multi-part articles analysing priority topics in depth.


Keep up to date with the most important research and its implications for drug and alcohol interventions. Latest issue and archive of bulletins analysing evaluation studies.

HOT TOPICS Essays from Drug and Alcohol Findings on issues which arouse debate and comment due to their importance and/or significant differences of opinion over facts or interpretation. View sorted by latest updated or main topic.

ALCOHOL and DRUG treatment MATRICES. 5x5 evidence grids reflecting practical divisions in the delivery and organisation of services. Within each cell the major research landmarks, reviews, and expert guidance.
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